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Questions about Log types for home fires

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best wood to buy?

If you are buying wood for a wood burner make sure that the wood you are buying is well seasoned. Our wood is well seasoned and stored once cut to keep the moisture level of the wood as low as we can.

Ash and Oak is a good combination of wood to buy. We often recommend our customers to buy one bag of Ash and one bag of Oak. The Ash is great for starting the fire then after 45 minutes start adding the Oak which burns hot and for long periods of time.

If you are only looking for one bag of logs then the mixed would be a good choice. Please speak to a member of staff and discuss the options available.

What is the moisture content of your wood?

We do not advertise the moisture content of our logs, they are sold as dry seasoned logs. The moisture content of wood can change easily due to a few contributing factors such as weather conditions, storage and type of wood. Our logs are recommended by local chimney sweeps and wood burning stove fitters which leads us to believe that the logs we sell are good quality.

What is the best way to start a fire?

We would recommend that customers buy a box of firelighters and a bag of our kindling wood. Place one firelighter block into the base of your stove or fire grate, screw up 3-5 pieces of newspaper or similar add on top 5-8 pieces of kindling wood laying it on top of the paper in a layered effect. Get ready 2-3 small logs that have been chopped exposing the wood rather than the bark, light the paper carefully with a long match or appropriate lighter, stand back for 2 minutes while the kindling starts to burn then add on up to 3 small logs. Please be very careful not to burn yourself whilst doing this.

We would recommend that customers buy from us a long handed pair of leather gauntlet gloves to protect themselves from burning.

What is the size of the delivery van bringing my logs?

The van that will be delivering your logs is a Ford Transit crew cab, we can carry up to 4 bulk bags on the van at any one delivery.

Who will be delivering my logs?

The team that will be delivering your logs will be one driver (member of staff) plus 3-4 students from the Fifth Trust day centre who are all very enthusiastic and excellent at stacking logs.

What should I do if I am not happy with my logs?

We will always deal with any complaints straight away and never leave a customer unhappy with the product they have purchased.

What do our customers think?

"I'd just like to say a big Thank You to your log team."

"They arrived when you said they would and did exactly what was needed. Even though stacking them, meant carrying logs through my house and across a patio, it was done in good humour and without fuss. A great bunch who clearly enjoy their work.

I shall, without doubt, recommend you to my friends who need logs and order from you again when I need more.".......


Latest Log Prices

With effect 1st May 2021

Air Dried logs

Ash (Bulk Bag)


Oak (Bulk Bag)


Mixed (Bulk Bag)


Net (Net)


5 x Mixed nets


Kiln dried logs

Oak (cubic metre bag)


Ash (cubic metre bag)


Mixed hard wood (cubic metre bag)


Oak (net – approx. 10-12 logs)


5 x oak nets





3 x Net


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